Getting Granular


Episode Summary

Geofencing is the latest buzzword in PPC marketing. But what does it really mean? In this episode, Jordon Meyer (Founder) and Steve Kroll (VP) of Granular® breakdown geofencing and where the term came from. They discuss exactly what it is, how it came to be a buzzword within the industry and debunk the misconceptions about its effectiveness.

Episode Notes

What you’ll learn in this episode of Getting Granular:
Why there should be a conversation around geofencing – 2:00
The difference between geofencing and geotargeting – 3:30
How geotargeting actually works within Google, Bing, Facebook and other ad platforms – 5:00
Who is selling geofencing and how they are selling it – 6:40
Why geofencing is gaining traction in the market – 7:40
What companies we talk to are saying about agencies selling geofencing – 8:30
Capabilities of geofencing, fact or fiction – 10:00
Real world examples of geotargeting strategy – 14:00
How geofencing could be in violation of privacy laws – 17:00
Granular’s approach when a new client wants geofencing – 20:00
How Granular uses geotargeting for our clients – 23:30