Getting Granular

Leadership Series: FreshFin Poké, Nate Arkush

Episode Summary

In this episode, Steve Kroll (VP) of Granular sits down with Nate Arkush, the Co-founder of FreshFin Poké. FreshFin is a fast-casual restaurant based in Milwaukee. Nate and Steve discuss FreshFin’s origins and how digital advertising on the Google network and social media platforms has played a role in their rapid growth.

Episode Notes

What you’ll learn in this episode of Getting Granular:
• Nate’s unique background in the food and service industry
• How Nate and his team conducted the ideation of FreshFin
• How FreshFin experimented with running their digital ads in-house
• How FreshFin’s website and social media has built their brand
• Nate’s decision to outsource digital ad management to Granular
• Which digital channels have worked best for FreshFin, and why