Getting Granular

PPC Origins - Jason Stinnett

Episode Summary

PPC ORIGINS – JASON and MATT The Granular team is full of highly skilled digital marketers. This episode is the first of a series of interviews in which Matt Freter, Marketing Operations Manager at Granular, shines the spotlight on the members of the Granular team. In this episode, you’ll meet Jason Stinnett and learn how he got started in PPC. This episode also covers Jason’s approach to managing PPC accounts, clients, and the state if PPC as he sees it.

Episode Notes

What you’ll learn in this episode of Getting Granular:

Jason’s story of how he started working in PPC – 1:00
What keeps Jason interested in PPC – 2:40
What did paid search look like 10 years ago – 4:00
What are the biggest trends in the future of PPC – 5:00
Jason’s thoughts on AI and machine learning in paid search - 6:00
How should marketer approach privacy concerns with paid media – 7:00
Jason’s approach to ROI and reporting - 8:00
Jason’s specializations and the verticals he’s passionate about – 10:00
What it’s like to work at Granular – 11:30