Getting Granular

PPC Origins - MacKenzie Krantz

Episode Summary

In this episode, MacKenzie Krantz shares her story on how she started working in PPC and how she made her way to Granular. MacKenzie is PPC veteran that loves to travel and hang out with her dog Lucy. Listen and get to know more about the Granular team!

Episode Notes

What you’ll learn in this episode of Getting Granular:

• MacKenzie’s background and how she started learning PPC
• Why MacKenzie likes working in the PPC space and what keeps her motived
• MacKenzie’s outlook on how paid digital media has progressed overtime
• The future of paid digital media and how privacy policy can impact paid media
• MacKenzie’s approach to balancing brand campaigns and shopping campaigns
• How analytics and reporting factor in to building PPC accounts
• Her specializations or unique skills in regards to managing paid media accounts
• Unique challenges of marketing in the health care space
• Facebook ads and the importance of remarketing strategies
• What brought MacKenzie to Granular and her favorite aspects of working at Granular