Getting Granular

The Perfect PPC Manager

Episode Summary

There’s more to running paid search accounts than the cold hard numbers – there’s a human element. Jordon Meyer, Founder and President of Granular, sits down with Mike Fleming, a Senior Paid Media Manager at Granular to discuss the things that make for an exceptional paid media manager and how Granular approaches account management. Jordon and Mike also discuss what a marketing manager should look for when hiring a PPC manager from an agency.

Episode Notes

What you’ll learn in this episode of Getting Granular:
Mike’s story of his client management style when he started in PPC and how it has changed over time – 5:00
Stories from Mike and Jordon about situations outside of PPC that impacted PPC results and how to report back to a client - 6:45
Examples of how business needs can change with a client and how it can impact PPC results and what a PPC manager can do to help – 9:00
What the signals and signs you should be looking for in a PPC manager – 11:00
How a PPC manager should react when mistakes are made or goals are not met – 14:50
The pitfalls of hiring professional service companies and best practices to vet them – 20:00
What communication and time management with a good account manager should look like – 25:00