Getting Granular

The Value of Bing

Episode Summary

In this episode, Jordon Meyer (founder) and Steve Kroll (VP) of Granular® talk about the value of Bing and how it impacts businesses looking to grow with PPC ads. They debunk misconceptions, highlight powerful features, and lay out sound reasoning to add Bing Ads to your marketing mix.

Episode Notes

What you’ll learn in this episode of Getting Granular:
• How Bing Ads can drive incremental revenue for your business
• Where Bing fits into the marketing funnel
• Interesting Bing facts (66 Million users exclusively on Bing!) 3:38
• How Google Ads and Bing Ads are Similar and Different
• Why it’s so easy to transition into Bing from Google 4:55
• ROI reasoning behind running Bing Ads 9:19
• Target LinkedIn users in Bing 11:05
• 3 Reasons to use Bing if Google is already working well for you 17:06
• Widen the marketing funnel, don’t go up it too fast 22:07
• How to get free money (coupons) for Bing Ads